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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 15, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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father's day is a couple days away and if you are still trying to figure out what in the world do i get dad, there is an app for that. if your dude dad loves to play golf there's an app that comes with a handicap calculator and let's dad keep tabs on his
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performance and if grilling is his thing there's the mobile grilling companion app and if dad has to have access to the hundreds of recipes and thegrill and the grill timer. that's a good thing for him. you can try ball park app giving dad info about every ball park in the united states. there's an app for everybody. no surprise that raising a child is expensive. however we have new numbers to prove it. the cost has risen to an all time high. parents who what child last year can expect to spend more than $230,000 over the next 17 years. that's awesome. i have two. so that's 3 1/2% higher than it was in 2010. that doesn't account for post high school education. so you have that to hook forward to. and just to -- look forward to. and in 1960 the estimated cost was only about 12 to $14,000
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per child. i don't care what they say, they are worth it. here's what we have coming up at 5 this morning, we want you to stay with us. and coverage continues of the star-spangled s is allabration. charley is live with the events happening this weekend. stay tuned for that. also ahead, at 5:15 cheryl connor introduces to us a organization near and dear to her heart and how she plans to raise money for it this weekend. a whale watching expedition doesn't go as planned for a sacramento boater. the coast guard is called in. that's ahead at 5:35. so stay with us this morning. news around the world. the supreme court in the uk has dismissed an application to appeal the extradition of weaky leaks founder. this is the last opinion in the british court. his lawyer says that he will apply to the european court of human rights. he is sent to sweden for questioning about accusations
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of sexual abuse. egypt military rulers will announce 100 person assembly by today after the nation's highest court declared the parliament invalid. the court also ruled that the former member of the president hosni mubarak regime may run a presidential election run off this weekend. new video of the five mexican police accused of kidnapping three men from hotel earlier this year. those men were found beaten to death. authorities say the officers were likely following orders from a drug cartel. time to start the 5:00 news. now "good morning maryland." >> we are learning new details in the case of a teen killed by an off-duty baltimore county police officer. i am linda so. why the toon's mother says the officer got it all wrong. >> reporter: will sallabration is underway but we have new information regarding the festival going on at fort mchenry. >> all right. thank you charley. we will check in with him live
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at the inner harbor. look at this. lynette and lauren here with traffic and weather. you are busy and ready to go. >> we are. >> we are ready to goch the weather is awesome -- go. the weather is awesome. >> were you outside. >> i was. it's so awesome. make sure to enjoy it for today. but it's going to stick around going through the weekend. let's show you what's going on. we are nice and dry. we will stay that way going throughout the day. maryland's most powerful radar has all five sweeps on and we are liking what we are seeing. but we are looking at the forecast for today. and temperatures at 8:00 around 68 degrees. lunchtime today, 77 so it would be a fabulous day to eat the lunch outdoors and say this too because the past couple days we have been on the breezy side but not so much for today as we head into the 4:00 time frame the temperature is at 82 and it's where we should be be now for this time of the year. lots of events going on. i will talk about the sallabration forecast and how things will begin to heat up.
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let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. good morning and how are the road. >> reporter: good morning. we have the first accident of the day in downtown baltimore right on west mulberry street. abc2 is on the scene and we will bring outlatest as it does become available. as far as the main lines are concerned if you are headed out to the harrisburg expressway. here's a live look at hunt valley. everything up to speed in this vicinity. no problems to tell you about if you are traveling down towards 695. and if you are headed out to 95, the northeast corridor is in great shape. a 4-minute trip southbound from route 43 all the way down to the beltway and as we pull up drive times, 11 minutes on that outer loop from 95 up towards 83. the west side also going to be very nice and clear. 11 minutes from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. >> thanks. two minutes after five. we are learning all new details in the case of a teen who was allegedly killed by an off-duty baltimore county police
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officer. linda so is here with what the toon's mother is saying about -- teen's mother is saying about her son's death. >> reporter: she says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 17-year-old christopher brown was killed after an off-duty county police officer chased him down and the two got into a physical fight. it began when police say the officer saw a group of teens running from his front yard and his front door had been damaged. the teen's mother says her son was not part of that group and he was on the other side of the street when he saw the teen start to run and the officer chased him down and they got into a fight and the teen became unconscious. police say the officer administered cpr but brown was later pronounced dead at northwest hospital. brown's mother says police were not even let her identify herson's body and called in school officials from randallstown high school instead. >> i just wanted to lay my eyes on him. i wanted to see if there was any bruises you know what i mean because don't want them to cover stuff up. i don't want them to push it under the carpet. >> reporter: the office are
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remains on leave while the investigation continues. linda so, abc2 news. police say a harford county man who threatened a group of children and adults with a machete is behind bars this morning. neighbors say douglas taylor got angry, came out of his home on tuesday. he swung a machete and taylor is on parole for the 1994 murder conviction. he is charged with several counts of assault. we will keep you posted on what happens. the family of a young girl struck by a stray bullet in 20 09 is suing gps tracking company that was monitoring the teen who shot her. the family of raven wyatt is seeking $10 million. raven was five years old when she was shot in the head by a baltimore teen. she is disabled and that shooting on pulaski in southwest baltimore. davis was sentence to life in prieso and what gps monitor at the time of the -- prison. and he had a gps monitor on
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that was supposed to track his every move. people are heading down to the inner harbor for the stale spangled sallabration to commemorate the war of 1812 and charley crowson is down there with what to expect thisweekend. i know you said you would-- you were going to exer swies sailors. >> reporter: they are climbing the mast getting ready for the day's work. that ship is from indonesia. they made a run around the harbor but made it back time to get the day started. you talked about the war of 1812 and history surrounding that. centered around fort mchenry where francis scott key wrote the stan spangled banner. this is sarah because one of the big events scheduled is happening at the fort and there's a little confusion about ticket availability. >> yes. the star-spangled air show featuring blue angels takes place one of the great viewing location saturday and sunday at fort mchenry. we have 10,000 free passes and
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as a convenience get there before 10 and you can get in. and you can still come. people are hearing the tickets are gone out. the passs are gone but there's room at the fort. we expect large crowds so get there early. >> reporter: you need to plan accordingly especially with park and getting to the fort. >> you cannot drive your personal vehicle to the fort but there's free shuttles from m and t bank parking lot. being pay to park there 20 dollars to park and the shuttle is free. if you take light rail downtown, down at the inner harbor visiting the tall ships walk over to the stadium lot and hop on the shutel from there. >> reporter: as far as the -- shuttle from there. >> reporter: and as far as the fort we have the blue angels one of the key pieces but there's going to be a lot more going on. >> they are doing a festival. they will have food vendors and after the air show on saturday, they are doing the celebration of the american flag. so it's their big flag day event. fireworks at dark and bands and live music and entertainment throughout the evening. >> reporter: thanks for
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clearing that up. again, 10,000 free passes have been given out, but as sarah told us, there are plenty of space available for your family to get out this weekend of course being showcased by the blue angels. as for today, it's going to be all about the touring of the 40 tall boats and the naval crew and naval vessels. that starts this morning at 11. going until 6 and, of course, the festival location on the other side of the harbor on the federal hillside, that opens up at 11 this morning. great time and great events for the entire family. coming up on good morning maryland, we will go aboard the pride of baltimore later. the pride of baltimore 2 and we will talk to that ship's captain. you want to see that because we will be on board and show you what goes on when the crews are hard at work. for now we are live down at the inner harbor getting ready for sallabration charley crowson abc2 news. >> sailors will be all over volunteering in the community. the crew will be at the living classroom foundation helping students clean up their campus. and a group will be at the
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historic site to beautify the area as well. clear skies for the sallabration but in texas they can't say the same thing. they experienced severe weather. we will show you incredible video ahead on how powerful that storm was. and a 10 mile run tomorrow raises money for dedicated girls many we will tell you all about their mission. and -- >> and temperatures are near normal this morning. but a warmup is on the way. i will have the details coming up. >> reporter: everything is up to speed here on 695 at harford road but we are dealing with a crash on interstate 70. i will have all the details coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report.
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now "good morning maryland. 11 minute after 5. thanks for joining thus morning. take a look at this. here is a force of hail. you can hear it and see it. it fell in dallas, texas. the video is hail falling into the pool that went from the size of ping-pong balls to the
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size of baseballs. nothing like that here. hard to believe when you see that, right if. >> it is. and you know, i was talking about yesterday. we had golf ball sized hail to talk about. and even when it is penny sized or p-ea sized hail it hurts and is damaging. so i can imagine the baseball sized hail falling from the sky there. we look at the satellite and radar across the nation and thunderstorms plaguing the southern plains through kansas and oklahoma and a couple thunderstorms around texas as of now. they have the chance for severe weather once again for today. and also the upper midwest is going to get on the chance for severe weather. but we will not. our weather here at home is going to be nice and calm. very tranquil quiet for this morning. and that will stick around even as we head throughout the day. so temperatures this morning are pretty much seasonable. 64 now in annapolis. churchville coming in at 58 degrees and 57 in columbia. let's check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we have trouble in howard
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county war crash has shut down the westbound lanes of -- where a crash has shut down the westbound lanes of route 70. traffic is detoured on route 32. the roadway is expected to reopen around 7:00 this morning. heading to the beltway, no delays on the west side. just an 11-minute trip from 795 down towards 95 and you are taking a live look at the harrisburg expressway. no concerns as you travel from shawan down towards the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. >> all right. thanks so much. tonight, you can see history made over niagara falls. we will preview the death defying walk over the rushing waters on a two-inch wire. details straight ahead. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live in north baltimore where students have hit the field to raise money for wounded soldiers. i will have all the details coming up. and as we head to break we want to say happy fer's -- father's day to all the dads
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and special to james here linda so's father with her son hayden. happy father's day. send your pictures in and we would love to see them. we will be right back. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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now "good morning maryland." abc2 cheryl connor will be on the run take part in the baltimore 10 miler to raise money for a charity she knows very well. cheryl is a volunteer head coach for girls on the run a program that works with elementary school students to improve self-esteem and they teach the girls about bullying, peer pressure and how to be true to who they are. >> even if we are planting a seed in the back of their mind and getting into their conscious somehow, when they are in one of the situations, maybe they willthink about it and act differently. >> core began enterprises -- corrigan will donate a dollar for every girl cheryl passes. >> reporter: we are kealing with a serious crash in howard -- dealing with a serious crash in hawored county.
5:18 am
-- howard county. traffic detoured on route 32 and roadway will be reopened around 7:00 this morning. in downtown baltimore, another crash shut down mulberry street at cathedral. east park avenue is an alternate. looking live at the south side of 95 no concerns whatsoever here. it will be a nice easy ride heading down to the dc area. and if you are heading out to the beltway, 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up towards 83. the west side will remain clear and an 11 minute drive from 759 towards 95 and traveling -- 795toward 95. you that's a look at your abc timesaver traffic and here's forecast with lynette charles. >> good morning. the forecast is going to be a nice one especially if you like lots of sunshine. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. mainly clouds back off towards the west as of now. we can see a few high clouds trying to stream in here and there throughout the day. but we will get more sunshine in here than we saw yesterday. look at the temperatures,
5:19 am
pretty much seasonable ocean city 63 degrees. i will have the forecast coming up. but, the temperature right now in baltimore coming at 60s and that's more of the same heading into richmond and norfolk with the temperature at 65 degrees. now a coastal flood warning is in efeeing until 8 and basically for -- in effect until 8 and basically tore anne arundel -- for anne arundel county. southern baltimore county a coastal flood advisory in effect until 8:00 this morning as well. now future trend not going to be picking up on a whole lot. you need to follow timeline here so you don't get lost on your days. we are not seeing precipitation. no rain for the next several days. so it's going to be good times ahead. and we are looking at temperatures this morning and at 68 degrees by 8:00. going through the timeline on your hour by hour, 82 is what i am going with for today. that's exactly where we should be for our high temperature. now, if you are headed to the beach there's the forecast for you. it's going to be a little on the cool side for the beach but still plenty of sunshine. today it will be breezy and
5:20 am
mostly sunny on saturday and sunday and it's going to be be a nice day with the temperatures in the low 70s. as we check out the water temperature, 69 degrees so close to 70. and here's the check of the seven-day forecast as we will heat things up as we head into next week. megan. >> all right. it's 19 minutes after 5 right now. students are doing their part to help our servicemen and women wounded in combat. it's called the shootout for soldiers. and abc2 news education reporter sherrie johnson is live this morning with this story. these are impressive kids. >> reporter: i tell you what, these -- they are going strong here. they are on the field and they have been going since 9 a.m. yesterday. they are playing. and they will play through 9 a.m. today. and i got to tell you, this is called shootout for sold years 24-hour lacrosse game with the money going to support the wounded warrior project in its effort to aid wounded u.s. soldiers. this is the first year for the event and we are talking about everyone from rec teams and club tax and major league lacrosse -- teams and major
5:21 am
league lacrosse players. it only take a $20 donation to the wounded warrior project to get on the field playing. a high school senior who recently graduated tyler actually came up with this idea. he is a part of act achieving change together. and this morning, i have jeron brooks joining me live who is on the board with a.c.t. and a member. good morning thanks for joining me. i tell you this is something else. 24 hours of lacrosse. you were out there playing a little bit before. what do you think about all this. >> it's great. the idea tyler coming up with it, think it's something that that will aid the american soldiers and give them the respect they deserve. >> reporter: you have a personal reason for wanting to be a part of. this your brother-in-law is in the army. how much does this touch close to home for you? >> it touches very close to home i know any day he could be a wounded warrior and he might need to help -- need the help so he can get bills paid and labor normal lifelike the rest of us american people. >> reporter: how has it been
5:22 am
the comradery. you have alum and club teams and rec teams what lot of fun and you are doing it for a good cause. >> i know. hard work and time put in is well worth it to see everybody come out and have fun and enjoy themselves. >> reporter: tell me how can someone donate even if they can't play on the field if someone wants to give and participate how can they do that? >> donate by going to ww.shoot out for and go down scroll down on the paling and see donate now and the first giving page has information about donating. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much. whoa apreasht it. good job out there. and you can see some of the players they have stars and -- we appreciate it. good job out there. and you can see some of the players they have stars and stripes. this wraps up at 9 this morning. reporting live in north baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. mayors from all over the country are in orlando florida for a huge conference. this morning, baltimore city's mayor spec to address -- expected to address everyone and what she plans to talk
5:23 am
about. a gay pride parade is in mount vernon tomorrow. we have details if you want to check it out. happy father's day to all you dads out there. and a special happy father's day sherrie johnson you saw her report. that's her and her dad thomas on her birthday. we will be right back. 3q
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now "good morning maryland." mayors from all over the united states have gathered in orlando, florida, all for the 8 0th conference of u.s. mayors and today baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will speak at that conference. she is going to be talking about growth and change in the city particularly gun violence and vacant to values a program that she is involved in. the rawlings-blake is a member of the u.s. conference of mayors board of trustees. we will let you know how it goes. health officials in cecil county say a cat that scratched a person in the area of port deposit has tested positive for rabies. health officials say that the person was scratched on wednesday and the cat was described as large with black and white markings. if you believe you may have been exposed in the past 10 days you should go to the emergency room and get checked
5:27 am
out. this is the second case of a domestic animal impocket -- in port deposit that tested positive with rabies in the past year. tomorrow mount vernon will celebrate gay pride parade will be held starting at 4 in the afternoon. and there's going to be a block party for most of the day. this is one of the largest festivals in baltimore city. baltimore's pride provide an opportunity for the community to experience and learn more about the lgbt community throughout the weekend of wonderful events and exhibits. stay with us this morning. a boater heads out on rough seas to try to go whale watching. he got to see whales and then some pretty high seas. the adventure ends with the coast guard called in. details on that. and be honest how and you do you make your bed? it's a task few of us enjoy but inventory says when inventor say he is -- he has a solution to make life easier. >> maryland's most powerful
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radar is dry. i will tell you how long that will continue. those details coming up. >> reporter: there are no delays on beltway here in parkville. but a serious crash has shut down a portion of interstate 70. i will have the details coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. >> reporter: topping america's money arriving on time. the nation's largest airlines are doing their best job ever at keeping to the schedule. in the first four months of the year about 85% of flights were on time. and coca cola will be availableaa a absence of 60 years. the decision follows the decision of sanctions so the only countries where it is not sold is cuba and north korean. and it will cost the average middle class family a quarter of a million bucks to raise a child. the agriculture department says housing is the biggest part of that cost followed by child care for young children. and finally, the trend in father's day gift is
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towardsquality time for the first time in nine years retail industry surveys is tops on the list after greetings cards. happy father's day to all those fathers out there. that's your money.


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